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Below are the sizes and styles of the scarf line, as well as retail prices.

Please contact the studio for a complete list of wholesale prices and colors (minimum order $300).


folded                                                                            4x76 @ 65.00          10x63 @ 135        20x90 @ 225.00

open                                                                              9x82 @ 49.00         20x65 @ 95.00      20x93 @ 165.00

bandanna  or  grand carre                                                                              26x26 @ 45.00      42x46 @ 155.00

The Basic Bands Style is a clean finish of a double layer of fabric, usually a combination of 7 colors of silk charmeuses and chiffons. The Open version is a single layer,  but is sewn with a machine roll (in the Mini and Scarf style the same amount of fabric is used, the Shawl is half of the fabric of the basic style). This makes for a lighter and less expensive scarf. The Bandanna and Grand Carre Styles are also constructed with rolled seams. 





Alice Berry Mini Alice Berry Mini Alice Berry Mini
Mini - 4" X 76" Scarf -10" X 63" Shawl - 20" X 90"
Alice Berry Mini Alice Berry Mini Alice Berry Mini
Open mini - 9" X 82" Open Scarf - 20" X 68" Open Shawl - 20" X 93"