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Below are the sizes and styles of the scarf line, as well as retail prices. Please go to the wholesale line sheet for a complete list of wholesale prices and colors (minimum order $300).

folded                                                                            4x76 @ 65.00          10x63 @ 135        20x90 @ 225.00

open                                                                              9x82 @ 45.00         20x65 @ 95.00      20x93 @ 165.00

bandanna  or  grand carre                                                                              26x26 @ 45.00      42x46 @ 155.00

linededge                                                                                                                            30x90 @ 225.00

kimono jacket                                                                                                                    one size @ 275.00

hankie skirt                                                                                 one size @ 345.00            with lining @ 395.00

The Basic Bands Style is a clean finish of a double layer of fabric, usually a combination of 7 colors of silk charmeuses and chiffons. The Open version is a single layer,  but is sewn with a machine roll (in the Mini and Scarf style the same amount of fabric is used, the Shawl is half of the fabric of the basic style). This makes for a lighter and less expensive scarf. The Bandanna and Grand Carre Styles are also constructed with rolled seams. Please see the color line page for images of the pieced garments.





Alice Berry Mini Alice Berry Mini Alice Berry Mini
Mini - 4" X 76" Scarf -10" X 63" Shawl - 20" X 90"
Alice Berry Mini Alice Berry Mini Alice Berry Mini
Open mini - 9" X 82" Open Scarf - 20" X 68" Open Shawl - 20" X 93"